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[UMR] CS DispoPhos 01 l

For instant and controlled removal of DPHOS phosphates

Iron-based animal safe preparation of highest purity for instant and controlled removal of phosphates
1 ml of product removes approx. 25,5 mg of Phosphates.
5 ml per 100 l of water weekly - average dose.
(0,65 oz /100 gal)

10 - 35 ml per 100 l of water weekly - maximum dose.
(1,3 - 4,55 oz /100 gal)

Shake well before use!
Dose into water flow!

Always use appropriate phosphate test and coral-shop on-line calculator for accurate dosing!
Store at room temperature.
C - Corrosive

Corrosive - causes burns. Harmful in contact with skin and if swallowed. Long term exposition may cause Dermatitis. Strongly stains skin and objects in contact

R34: Causes burns R36: Irritating to eyes

S2: Keep out of the reach of children S24: Avoid contact with skin S25: Avoid contact with eyes S26: In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice
For marine aquarium animals only, not for human use. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Keep closed tightly. Not to be given to animals intended for food use.
Iron-based preparation, designed for instant removal of higher Phosphates concentrations in seawater. Never removes Phosphates completely!

Product is primarily intended for highly fish-populated MARINE tanks. When used in REEF tanks, it is necessary to follow the recommended dosage instructions and never exceed maximum daily dose. High-volume single-shot dosing may be life-threatening for some most sensitive coral species.

Product active substance reacts with Phosphates forming white precipitate, which subsides at the bottom of the tank and is caught by mechanical pre-filter if tank is quipped with.
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3824.9097 - 99

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CS DispoPhos Calculator
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[UMR] CS DispoPhos 05 l
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Version 2014-VIII

CS DispoPhos

CS NitraClean

CS DispoPhos is animal-safe preparation of highest purity based on trivalent iron, intended for instant and controlled removal of phosphates from both seawater and fresh water.


Preparation is intended for all types of marine and reef tanks, especially the ones with larger fish populations. CS DispoPhos instantly reacts with phosphates in water forming the precipitate which partially imbeds on bottom of the tank, is partially removed by skimming and caught in particle filter - if available.


Mixture of inorganic ferric (Fe III) compounds.

CS DispoPhos versus Sorbents


Disadvantages of Sorbents

The graph above shows the absorption time behavior for the most of sorbent, which is rather problematic for bellow mentioned reasons:

P1 Period

Immediately after the new sorbent is applied the absorption rate hits the ceiling and is higher than needed. Zero phosphorus concentration is undesirable - trace phosphorus concentrations in seawater are required - more information can be found in related article about phosphorus.

Many sorbents also release unwanted matter - often toxic - at P1-period (curve x), causing sometimes pH value changes as well.

P2 Period

In the course of certain time the absorption rate is optimal - phosphorus concentration is held on trace level.

P3 Period

From certain moment - given by brand of sorbent and preceding phosphorus concentration - absorption rate falls gradually. The logical economical dilemma arises - when to proceed with sorbent exchange?

Particularly at P3-period the sorbent can also be colonized by various bacteria and if kept too long time in a tank, unwanted biological processes can be initiated.


Main problems of solid sorbents are following:

  • Uncontrollable non-linear time behavior of absorption
  • Risk of negative influence of seawater chemistry after the application of new batch
  • Risk of negative influence of seawater biological environment at the end of sorbent life time
  • Absorption capacity can never be utilized on 100%

Advantages of CS DispoPhos

As results from the graph above, regular application of CS DispoPhos enables to maintain phosphates concentration on long-term stable trace level. There are no disadvantages of solid sorbents - the use of CS DispoPhos is targeted, controlled and economical. Based on the results of phosphate concentration testing CS DispoPhos can be applied in exactly required amount.


Dosing & Application



5 ml / 100 l of water / week

Always use reliable phosphate test kit for determination of accurate dosing!

1 ml of product removes ca 25,5 mg of phosphates


10 - 35 ml / 100 l of water / week

Manual Application

  1. Determine the phosphates concentration
  2. Use coral-shop online dosing calculator for determination of accurate dosing
  3. If required dose is higher than 35 ml / 100 l of water / week, spread it out during two or more days
  4. Make a check determination of phosphates concentration

Check determination of phosphates concentration can be made as early as 20 min. after CS DispoPhos application.


Application with Dosing Pump

  1. Follow the instructions for manual application above
  2. After 7 days determine the phosphates concentration
  3. Use coral-shop online dosing calculator for determination of accurate daily dose
  4. Set the required dose on your dosing system - use maximum available number of cycles per day!
  5. Make regular check determination of phosphates concentration and adjust dosing if needed
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