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[AC] CS CoraTroph Reef DC for 1.000 ml

Complete natural food with no artificial additives for invertebrates and seawater fish. Complete natural food with no artificial additives for invertebrates and seawater fish.
24 fresh natural ingredients for nutrition, diseases prevention and better look of the aquarium animals.

24 natural ingredients.
CS Coratroph Reef DC:
See Operating Instructions

Prepared suspension:
- 5 - 20 ml per 100 l of water weekly.
- Shake well before use!
- Dose to water flow!
CS Coratroph Reef DC:
See Operating Instructions

Prepared suspension:
- Store at cool and dark place!
- Optimal temperature: 1-5°C
Keep away from children!
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CS CoraTroph Reef DC
Operating Instructions
Version 2012-III

CS Coratroph Reef

Marine Salt

CS CoraTroph Reef is a unique, complete food preparation for invertebrates, which is also fully utilizable by salt water fish. The product is manufactured exclusively from fresh, natural raw materials and does not contain any artificial dyes, preservatives and stabilizers.

During production and storage the product does not undergo any thermal treatment or freezing.


Fresh marine animals meat
6 cons. Nutrition and prevention of viral diseases
Sea weeds
4 cons. Source of trace elements in native form
Natural antioxidants a pigments
5 cons. Improved coloration of animals, general prevention
Vitamins and natural conservation
4 cons. Natural stabilisation and conservation
Other natural nutrients
2 cons. Natural attractants
2 cons. Water + marine salt

In addition to colloidal phase, the product also contains dissolved organic matter and organic macro-particles - these are targeted primarily to fish and certain coral species. CS CoraTroph Reef provides living organisms with large amounts of essential substances, which they are not able to obtain in another way.


In order to supply the living organisms in reef tank with the whole range of important organic compounds it is necessary to provide them in fresh natural form – there is no "synthetic" alternative available. The unique composition of the supplement CS CoraTroph Reef provides the marine animals primarily with:

  • Resistance against viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases
  • Long-lasting sound development
  • Natural fast growth and proper coloration

CS CoraTroph Reef is delivered in form of dried super-concetrate CS CoraTroph Reef DC having 2 years lifespan and can be stored at dark place at room temperature. This super-concentrate is intended for preparation of requested amount of aquaeous suspension of CS CoraTroph Reef which must be stored at about 5 degrees Celsius.

22 grams of super-concentrate = 500 ml of aquaeous suspension.

CS CoraTroph REEF DC Commercial Packing

Factors influencing the product application

The dosage is strongly individual and depends mainly on the following factors:


1 - Population of living organisms in the tank

It is necessary to realise that CS CoraTroph Reef is prepared predominantly from fresh meat and other fresh source material. The dosing should be therefore carried out according to the living organisms population in the tank (their size and number) - corals, fish and other invertebrates. The goal is that the whole supplied amount is consumed as soon as possible at the upper part of the tank by fish, at the middle part by corals, and for "cleaning up" at the bottom part ideal are brittle stars, starfish, sea urchins, shrimp and certain fish species.


2 - Quality of water circulation in the tank

The good quality of the water circulation in the tank is crucial in order to prevent the settling of unconsumed food particles in so-called “dead spots”, where the water circulates is almost none. An alternative solution to this problem is the introduction of certain invertebrates into the tank, especially brittle stars and shrimps, which will find food almost anywhere.


3 – Nitrification capacity

The efficiency of the nitrification process plays of course a key role - CS CoraTroph Reef attracts the attention of all marine organisms in the tank and after its application causes immediate excretion, especially for fish. The tank receives in this manner a double load - through the application of the supplement and through the living organism excrements.


4 – Skimmer performance

A high-performance skimmer has in the case of this particular product application the great disadvantage. It removes very quickly dissolved organic matter and small organic particles from water, which in this case means a loss of nutrients for corals. If possible, the skimmer should be switched off for one hour during application of CS CoraTroph Reef.


5 - 20 ml / 100 l of water / week
One-time Increased ammonia concentration. For the immediate removal use CS DeChlorAmm.
Long-term Exceedingly high concentration of organic nutrients. This may be the cause of loss of the bright corals coloration, an unnatural colour change - usually browning- and of the growth of colonies of unwanted algae and cyanobacteria. Limit the dosage or even temporarily interrupt the product application and wait until the situation improves. The unfavourable situation may last even weeks, because primarily algae generate metabolic nutrient reserves for a rather long time.
If your tank is not highly populated, the initial dosage should range within 2,5 - 5 ml / 100 l of water / week. Approx. two hours after the application measure the ammonia concentration and if need be the nitrate concentration - both values should be negligible. The dosage may then be gradually increased, as long as none of the above mentioned overdose symptoms occur. In highly populated tanks the optimal dosage may be higher than suggested and its adjustment is always a matter of experimentation.

If regular manual application and/or maintaining of low storing temperature is a problem, we reccommend to use CHANNEL ONE configuration Dosing + Stirring Fridge 11+50:

CHANNEL ONE "Dosing + Stirring Fridge 11+50"
Dosing control unit, cooling box and outlet hose holder
Inside the box:
Peristaltic pump
2 l container

The reaction to the product application is very fast and all animals in your tank will reward you with a faster growth, an improved coloration and with an increased resistance to diseases.

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