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08 - Animal Care
Prophylaxis & Medication
CS CoraTroph Reef DC
CS CoraSound Multi

Reefkeeping animal care covers two major areas:

  • Feeding
  • Prophylaxis and - in worse case - treatment of diseases

Feeding: There is a plenty of live, frozen and dried food preparations on the market and each reefkeeper will certainly find its own combination of products. Nevertheless, we recommend including the CS CoraTroph Reef (more information in linked article) in feeding plan. Its unique composition ensures boosting of immunity and improvement of metabolism of all animals.

Prophylaxis: Most often prophylactic precaution in reefkeeping is a use of UV lamps and ozonizers. This is of course possible in CS Concept, but not necessary. The prophylaxis is there arranged via feeding (see above) and also via application of wide-spectrum anti-pathogenic preparation CS CoraSound Multi, which can be used in several ways:

  • As a natural dip for corals and seawater fish
  • As a preventive precaution when importing or purchasing animal
  • As a general prevention with direct application into the tank

More information can be found in linked article.

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