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05 - Removal of phosphorus compounds
CS DispoPhos
Phosphorus - (Phosphorum) - P

The graph bellow shows the absorption time behaviour for the most of absorbers (sorbents), which is rather problematic for bellow mentioned reasons:

P1 Time Period - Immediately after the new absorber is applied the absorption rate hits the ceiling and is higher than needed. Zero phosphorus concentration is undesirable - trace phosphorus concentration in seawater is required - more information can be found in related article about phosphorus. Many absorbers also release unwanted matter - often toxic (orange area) - causing sometimes pH value changes as well.
P2 Time Period - In the course of certain time the absorption rate is optimal - phosphorus concentration is held on trace level.
P3 Time Period - From certain moment absorption rate falls gradually. The logical economical dilemma arises - when to proceed with absorber exchange? Particularly at this time period the absorber can also be colonized by various bacteria and if kept too long time in a tank, unwanted biological processes can be initiated.

  • Uncontrollable non-linear time behaviour of absorption
  • Risk of negative influence of seawater chemistry after the application of new absorber
  • Risk of negative influence of seawater biological environment at the end of absorber life time
  • Absorption capacity can never be utilized on 100%

CS DispoPhos

As results from the graph, the regular application of CS DispoPhos enables to maintain phosphates concentration on long-term stable trace level - contrary to the use of sorbents. The use of CS DispoPhos is targeted, controlled and economical. Based on the results of phosphate concentration testing CS DispoPhos can be applied:
  • in exactly required amount
  • with instant removal effect

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