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04 - Removal of nitrogen compounds
Nitrogen - (Nitrogenium) - N
CS NitraClean
CS DeChlorAmm

CS Concept prefers natural removal of nitrogen compounds above all. In simple words, following is needed for successful removal of nitrogen compounds from the tank:

  • Source of bacteria
    • ANN 9505 BioCat
  • Quick energy source for best control of bacteria propagation
    • CS NitraClean
  • Bacteria inoculation chamber
    • R.A.N.N.
  • Both high and low oxygen zones for bacteria colonization
    • Natural reef rocks (both for nitrification and denitrification)
    • Trickle filter or aerated media filter for nitrification (A.L.F.A. or XL MR HO)
    • Media filter with low water flow and low oxygen for denitrification (A.R.M.S. or XL MR LO)

In some cases - especially in the tanks with large fish population - additional direct removal of ammonia by means of CS DeChlorAmm application can be very helpful.

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