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Natural Seawater Mimicking
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coral-shop Reefkeeping Concept - CS Concept Step by Step
01 - Water enters the sump

Let"s imagine any running marine aquarium full of the animals where water circulates between the tank and the sump. In simple words, water entering the sump has following properties:

  • Increased concentration of unwanted matter
    • Inorganic and organic particles
    • Protein impurities
    • Dissolved nitrogen and phosphorus compounds
    • Other undetermined dissolved unwanted matter
  • Lowered concentration of  major elements and nutrients
    • Calcium, magnesium and carbonates
    • Minor elements, trace elements and dissolved organic matter
  • Increased, lowered or proper temperature

Thus, following has to be made in the sump:

  • Trapping the particle impurities to avoid their decomposition to nitrates and phosphates
  • Proteins removal by skimming
  • Removal of nitrogen compounds
  • Removal of phosphorus compounds
  • Replenishment of depleted matter by means of additives application
  • Temperature control
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