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Natural Seawater Mimicking
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The company coral-shop is engaged with the development and manufacture of products for the care of salt water in aquariums of the types MARINE and REEF. We try to offer a comprehensive and functional solution to everyday problems faced by owners of marine aquariums, in which the most important parameter is the quality of our product.

Natural Seawater Mimicking

From the biological point of view, all chemical elements, inorganic substances and organic matter found in natural seawater works together. No part of this synergistic system should be omitted.


That is why coral-shop team works hard to the most perfect attainable copy of natural seawater.


coral-shop offers complete scale of products, always made of top grade chemical substances or fresh natural ingredients, with no added synthetic preservatives, dyes or stabilizers.


Continuous long-term extensive testing by independent marine aquarists helps to prove right direction of coral-shop evolution, based on the NATURAL SEAWATER MIMICKING philosophy.

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