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Natural Seawater Mimicking
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Reefkeeping theory
Important Seawater Parameters
Rating: +++++ Visitors: 18661 Comments: 0 Posted: 06.11.2007  

Concentration of chemical elements and groups and some values for other parameters.

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Water Exchange, Additives or Both? Part I
Rating: ++++ Visitors: 21564 Comments: 0 Posted: 26.07.2009  

In the recent past we published some articles dealing with the problem of reef aquarium maintenance with regard to water exchange and the replenishment of minor and trace elements. Due to the abundance of consequent questions and discussions in reefkeeping forums, we decided to unify and complete the original articles, and address the problem in greater detail.

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Water Exchange, Additives or Both? Part II
Rating: +++++ Visitors: 11550 Comments: 0 Posted: 26.07.2009  

Minor and trace elements in reef tank with regard to water exchange (type of used salt) and use of additives.

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How do Deal with Low or High Seawater Chlorinity
Rating: +++++ Visitors: 8716 Comments: 0 Posted: 19.03.2012  

There are following main reasons of incorrect chlorinity in reef tanks: Use of poor-quality marine salt for seawater make-up; Use of chlorides as the calcium and magnesium additives; Evaporation.

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